Mayday Algarve

What is our mission?

Our mission is to create a safe haven for dogs whilst they wait for a new loving home.

We take in any kind of dog when we have space for them and make sure that they get the medical treatments if they need and regular treatments such as deworming, flea and tick prevention and vaccinations.

We clean the pens daily and provide clean bedding in the dog houses. When necessary, we also bottle feed puppys and socalise them as they grow.

Karen also drives through Europe up to England to take adopted dogs to their new home or sometimes even picking up dogs who will stay at Mayday.

Since Mayday survives 100 % from donations, we are very grateful to anyone who decides to help us. Without this help, our dogs couldn’t have the life they have. Find out more information about donation and sponsoring in the next section.


Donation & Sponsoring

Mayday is an organisation that survives 100% from donations. This means that any donation will go directly to help the well-being of our animals. With your donation we can make sure to keep improving the lives of our animals by providing better conditions and getting medical treatment and vet appointments when needed.

If you decide to support us, then any donation will be greatly appreciated.

You can also sponsor a dog for 10€ a month, which helps pay for flea and tick prevention, worming, medical bills and food.

You can pay by PayPal to Please use the friend and family option so we get 100% of your donation.

If you prefer sending the money directly into our bank account, please send a PM for further details.

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